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Event Planning 

CHG's Tourism and Hospitality Operations [THO] focus on the management, marketing, and operations of its hotels, restaurants, parks, and other attractions. Our Event Planning Team places attention on our tourism and hospitality offerings - focusing on the budgets, timelines, legalities, and logistics of planning various kinds of events.

Our customers can count on our THO team to always be creative, provide solutions on time and on budget. Simply contact your CHG THO representative and we will work out a solution for you that meets your needs.


We work the the best in the Wedding Planning industry. It's your day, so we Simplify It. Whether custom menus and décor, hair and makeup or live entertainment, our dedicated team is here to ensure that your special day is flawless. Our goal? To help you remember the smallest details and smile for years to come.

Our range of Wedding Services include Photography, Spa & Beauty Services, Transportation, Specialty Menus, Menu Planning & Catering, and Honeymoon Planning.

Remember, it's Your Day, make the most of it.


Our Catering Service provides food service via a wide range of menu options at remote sites or on our hotel sites including other sites such as, hospitals, wedding or specialty events, aircraft, cruise ships, parks, festivals, filming locations or film studios.

The Right Menu Can Make the Meeting:


While tastes change and trends come and go, throughout the world, we have access to a top-tier team of more than 3,000 executive chefs, and expert culinarians and mixologists bring the freshest concepts and ingredients together. From seasonal harvests from local producers for farm-to-table eating, to innovative cuisine from our chefs, with tapas, build-it-yourself plates, comfort foods and artisanal treats. There's small bites and big flavors. Desserts to take away. Non-traditional break options like food trucks, juice stands, nuts, dried fruit and candy bars. And, of course, craft beverages, flavor-balanced cocktails, homemade infusions and limited batches.

Download our menus:


Convention Space

If you're planning a convention, conference or other large event, and are new to this, here are a few details you should know:

CHG offers decades of experience with large events and knowledge on convention logistics. Many of our properties can play host to your next successful convention, conference or business seminar, including handling all of the complex conference logistics and scheduling.

Festivals, Events & Tournaments

We provide customized planning for Festivals, Special Events and even Tournaments, as our experienced destination management team caters to the individual needs of all our customers, including custom housing for tournaments and other festivals.

With decades of experience (collectively) in the hospitality industry, our team can handle all of your event and special activities needs. Our team can support the most influential brands in the world whether they are international conferences or trade events.

Meeting Rooms

We provide a full suite of services to our business customers needing space for meetings or conferences; from providing technology to food & beverage, to helping you design the perfect environment for your meeting or conference, our experienced team can provide a full-service offering to help you succeed with your plan.

Download our menus:


Concierge Services

Our expert Concierge are responsible for providing local information and helping our guests organize any activities they wish to do during their stay at our properties. From building a detailed itinerary for a guest, to simply answering your questions or pointing you in the right direction, our team of Concierge are here to help.

Our Concierge have all built relationships with managers at top restaurants, night clubs and themed entertainment, so they can secure hard-to-get reservations for our guests.

From teaching our guests the local lingo, to tracking down forgotten or lost items, from finding kid-friendly play areas, to arranging a room upgrade, book spa or beauty services, help with medical needs, share tips on avoiding traffic or arranging for tailoring and dry cleaning, our expert team of Concierge are here to help.


Offering local tours and activities is a key part our our Guest Services. For example, we tap into the Expedia network currently has 4,000 suppliers providing 27,000 tours and activities worldwide.

98% of hotel guests say having “local experiences” in a new city was important. This is why we put so much emphasis and staff to servicing the needs of our guests who wish to have the local experience of a tour and engage in local activities.

We aim to make CHG properties as the perfect choice to stay while exploring all that our local destinations have to offer such as museums, galleries, family attractions, shopping, dining, nightlife, entertainment and more.

Other Services

We aim to make your stay within our portfolio of properties as  comfortable as possible and so we have built in to our service offerings a wide range of additional services.

Contact your Concierge to enquire about all of our service offerings.

Download our service brochures:

>> Car Rental & Limo Service

>> Courier Service

>> Dry Cleaning Service

>> Flower Arrangements

>> Doctors on Call

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