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Our History

CHG began as a private hospitality company, incorporated in Puerto Rico, with designs for acquiring, building and managing boutique hotels in the Caribbean. 

The firm has since been acquired by a publicly traded company and restructured with a name change of "Global Hospitality Holdings Group" and a ticker symbol change to "GHHG".

GHHG will soon make an application to uplist to the NASDAQ.

All About CHG

Caribbean Hospitality Group, Inc. [CHG] has been acquired by a public company, soon to be renamed: "Global Hospitality Holdings Group, Inc." [GHHG]. CHG will remain a privately-held operating subsidiary of GHHG and continue to source and acquire profitably operating hotels for GHHG.


The hospitality holdings firm is structured to provide general management and oversight of subsidiary hotels it acquires, focusing on key market targets for continuing M&A activities in all top tourism and capital market locales around the globe. The accuracy, repeatability and dependability of the firm’s service offerings will also allow for short-term vacation rentals on multi-unit & single-family residences to become a part of the business model and operating portfolio. In addition, the company will market heavily to the corporate-travel sector, while introducing membership of high-end residences as part of its total service offerings.

Whether it is the standard tourist customer, business-traveler or government travelling official, GHHG sees itself separating from its sector by having a full complement of offerings, options and services to the tourism consumer, the business travel, government travel and conference sectors, including other events such as banquets & balls, weddings, film & television and sporting event opportunities. GHHG shall also expand its service offerings via its restaurants, nightclubs, spas, catering & food services, casino and themed event operations.

GHHG has two distinct target markets – 1) 25% shall be mid-tier 3 to 4-star hotels (branded & boutique) for the consumer tourist and Business / Government Traveler and 2) 75% shall be high-end, ultra-luxury 5-star branded (flagged) hotels for the wealthy customer.





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